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Palette Options

FCEUX comes packaged with several palette files. This page describes details for each one.

To load a palette file, see Palette config.


This is the default palette that FCEUX uses. It is the same palette used in FCEU.12 or earlier, and FCEUD/FCEUXD/FCEUXDSP.


This is the palette added to FCEU.13 rerecording by Nitsuja.


This is the palette added to FCEU.15 rerecording by Nitsuja.  It is a slight adjustment to the FCEU.13 palette.


Default palettes of Nestopia.

BMF_final2.pal & BMF_final3.pal

These palettes were designed by BMF.  He customized these by looking at snapshots of his television screen and attempting to replicate them as close as possible.

ASQ_realityA.pal & ASQ_realityB.pal

BMF palettes had some flaws.  AspiringSquire tweaked BMF's palettes and came up with this.  They fix issues mostly related to brightness.


This palette is based on the CXA2025AS integrated circuit used in Sony TV-sets.


This palette by FirebrandX offers a more realistic brightness/contrast scale of the original console. It was developed using a direct-capture device hooked up to the NES, then error-corrected to the current and final 6th version.

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